Christmas Decor Beautiful Scandinavian Style

Many people think that Christmas decor with a Scandinavian theme is very minimalist, plain and simple. That’s fine if that’s what you’re into, but it’s not what Scandinavian Christmas decor is really all about. Scandinavia around Christmas time is pretty dark and cold outside – so really people want a bit of warmth, comfort and colour in their homes! Here are some tips for achieving that simple, natural but stylish look.

Keep A Simple Colour Palette To Achieve The Scandinavian Look

Traditionally, Christmas decor and decorations in Scandinavian homes consists of a relatively simple colour palette of white and neutral tones, with pops of another colour – often red. Decorations tend to focus on simple shapes, such as stars, snowflakes, trees, reindeer and doves. It can be super-simple to DIY some of these decorations and there are some brilliant tutorials available on YouTube – for example making paper stars or snowflakes, also salt dough christmas tree decorations. If you’re too busy not up for crafting yourself, here are a few of my favourite Scandinavian style Christmas decor items currently on Etsy:

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Add Natural Elements To Your Christmas Decor

As well as a Christmas tree (of course!), Christmas decor in Scandinavian homes often incorporates lots of natural elements – such as wooden decorations, natural garlands and other ways to bring the outside in. Some of these decor ideas can be very simple to incorporate yourself – I have previously created a Christmas garland for the mantlepiece and also a door wreath just using greenery from my garden. There are also lots of lovely natural (real and faux) Christmas decor items available to buy, here are a few ideas:

A collage picture of various natural wood and neutral style scandinavian christmas decorations.
Top left to right: Ginger Ray Gold Acrylic Merry Christmas Hanging Decoration with Mistletoe, £15.99,, Blueberry Christmas Wreath, £65,, Ginger Ray Foliage and Berries Christmas Garland, £22.99,,

Bottom left to right: Set of 3 Wooden Christmas Characters with Dangly Legs (Snowman, Reindeer and Santa),  £17.99,, Ginger Ray Fold Out Houses Wooden Christmas Decoration with String Lights, £12.99,, Scandi Village Wooden Advent Calendar,  £59,, Merry Christmas Wooden Bunting,  £7.99,

Bring Cosiness to Christmas Decor

In the dark, cold winter months we all want to be snug – and this is definitely reflected in Christmas decor in Scandinavia. Keep it warm with lots of cosy throws, cushions and rugs. Again, Etsy is a great source of inspiration:

Decorate with Lights

I absolutely love it when it’s all dark and dreary outside and then Christmas lights appear! Adding Christmas lights to your decor – both inside and outside the house really adds to the Scandinavian vibe. It just makes the house feel so much more cosy – it’s definitely my favourite part of Christmas!

Collage of different types of indoor christmas decorative lights - a star, christmass tree shaped candles and a lit christmas wreath.
Far left image: Lights4fun, centre image: Battery Christmas Tree Wax Candles, Festive Lights, Right image: Eucalyptus, Pine & Gold Berry Christmas Wreath & Garland, Lights4fun

Add Festive Themes and Colours To Your Wall Art

Adding festive wall art is a great way to subtly change and enhance your Christmas decor. Adding Scandinavian folk art style pictures can really add a pop of seasonal colour to your home, while still keeping that clean, simple style. This can be a really quick and low cost decor option, for example this set of 3 printables is available from Etsy:

Happy decorating!